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Wafer Separator Rings

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Texchem Advanced Products introduces the new 200mm and 300mm Wafer Separator Rings for use with our Bumped HWS (BHWS) and RM series of Horizontal WaferShippersTM.  The WSR-R series Separator Rings are designed for transporting Bumped Wafers so that contact is only made within the SEMI Standard Exclusion Zone.   Extensive Finite Element Modeling and testing shows that our unique ring design offers superior wafer protection.

In certain cases, the customer may even elect to use our Wafer Separator Rings to eliminate the carbon or non-woven interleaves from their non-bumped wafers, so there is no contact with the finished circuitry on the wafers.  Now Texchem Advanced Products makes the decision yours.

The WSR-R series Rings can be used to transport up to 25 full thickness bumped wafers using our BHWS WaferShippers or 13 full thickness bumped wafers using our HWS-RM WaferShippers.  Either way, when these Wafer Separator Rings are used with our unique, patent pending moveable wall design the wafers will be securely held as the cover is closed.  The WaferShipperTM provides unprecedented lateral shock absorption by holding an entire stack of wafers radially.  External forces and impacts are effectively directed to the shipper itself while the wafers remain safe.

By working closely with our material suppliers we develop the cleanest materials for ionics and outgassing, resulting in an ultra clean, carbon filled polypropylene that provides ESD protection.


  • Designed specifically for use with our BHWS and HWS-RM Horizontal Wafer Shippers
  • Manufactured with the industry’s cleanest, high-purity polypropylene material
  • Minimal outgassing, trace metals, and ionics
  • Unparalleled shipping and impact protection
  • Compatible with automated packing/unpacking/sorting equipment
  • Up to 25 Wafers can be housed using our BHWS WaferShippers
  • Up to 13 Bumped Wafers can be housed using our HWS-RM WaferShippers



Products Used For

Size (OD x ID)

Step Height

Wafer Spacing

200mm BHWS

200mm HWS-RM

200mm x 178mm

0.8 mm

1.8 mm

300mm HWS-RM

300mm x 278mm

0.8 mm

1.8 mm

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