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Wafer Shipping Systems

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The SPI/Semicon Wafer Storage and Shipping Systems includes A Wafer Jar and Lid, Foam Liner, Foam Cushion Discs, and Wafer Interleaf Discs.

Wafer Jars and Lids

Jars and Lids are manufactured from virgin polypropylene resin-no fillers or additives. Material is chemically resistant and has high impact strength.

Foam Liners

Manufactured from 1.25 LB density pink polyurethane antistatic foam. This product is non-corrosive, has excellent cushion properties, and low particle generation. Surface Resistivity (ASTM D256) measures 10 Ohms/Sq. Meets MIL-B-81705 Static Decay Requirement (0% Cutoff) FTMS 101C, 4046 <2 Seconds.

Foam Cushion Discs

Produced from same materials as Foam Liners.

Wafer Interleaf Disc

Paper Disc: 100% Cellulose, Laboratory Grade Low-Lint Filter Paper. Low Sodium (169 PPM) and Sulfur (15-60 PPM) content.

Tyvek Discs: Spunbonded Olefin, tear proof non-particulating. Extremely low Sodium (1 PPM) and Sulfur (1 PPM) content. Special grade resists triboelectric charging.


Note: All of the above products are produced without CFCs or ODCs.

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