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300 mm HWS-RM WaferShipper

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300 mm HWS-RM WaferShipper


The Texchem Advanced Products 300mm HWS-RM Horizontal WaferShiper™ is a unique design providing superior protection and substantial freight cost savings versus competitor HWS and FOSB models.  The 300mm HWS-RM is designed for transporting up to 25 thin to full thickness wafers using carbon loaded or non-woven interleaves.  By working closely with our material suppliers we develop the cleanest materials for ionics and outgassing, resulting in an ultra clean, carbon filled polypropylene that provides ESD protection.


All 300mm WaferShipper™ products are designed to meet SEMI Standard load port specifications to be compatible with automated wafer packing, unpacking, and sorting equipment.


Our unique, patent pending moveable wall design secures the wafers as the cover is closed. The edge-grip support “hugs” the wafers, limiting wafer movement and reducing particle generation. The WaferShipper™ provides unprecedented lateral shock protection by holding the entire stack of wafers radially, unlike competitor models which offer either no radial protection, or only hold the top several wafers. External forces and impacts are effectively directed to the shipper itself while the wafers remain safe.


  • Manufactured with the industry’s cleanest, high-purity polypropylene material
  • Minimal outgassing, trace metals, and ionics
  • Unparalleled shipping and impact protection
  • Edge-grip support “hugs” the wafers, limiting wafer movement and reducing particulation
  • Secure, easy to use four latch locking mechanism
  • Arrowed, notch feature for proper top/base alignment
  • Designed to meet SEMI Standards
  • RF Tag Housing in the base for inventory and process management
  • Compatible with automated packing/unpacking/sorting equipment
  • Houses up to 25 Wafers using Carbon or Non-Woven Interleaves
  • Houses up to 13 Bumped Wafers using Wafer Separator Rings (pn WSR300-R1)



  • L x W x H: 326mm x 326mm x 76mm
  • Each package is double clean room bagged
  • Part name: 300mm HWS-RM
  • Part number: HWS-RM300-A1



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