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200 mm VWS WaferShipper

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200 mm VWS WaferShipper™


The Texchem Advanced Products 200mm VWS Vertical WaferShiper™ is an industry accepted design providing superior protection for critical wafer handling requirements.  The 200mm VWS is designed for transporting up to 25 full thickness wafers inside of a standardized vertical orientation package.  By working closely with our material suppliers we develop the cleanest materials for low ionics and outgassing, resulting in an ultra clean, polypropylene material for prime wafer handling.

The 200mm VWS WaferShipper™ is designed to closely match the exterior and interior cassette package size of existing products that are widely used in the industry with components that are compatible with automated wafer loading and unloading equipment.


  • Package size and dimensions closely matches existing products that are widely used in the industry
  • Manufactured with the industry’s cleanest, high-purity polypropylene material
  • Minimal outgassing, trace metals, and ionics
  • Unparalleled shipping and impact protection
  • Secure, easy to use assembly.
  • Orientation features for proper cassette/base alignment
  • Compatible with automated loading and unloading equipment
  • Houses up to 25 Wafers
  • Competitively Priced



  • L x W x H: 263mm x 260mm x 237mm
  • Each package is double clean room bagged
  • Part name: 200mm VWS
  • Part number: VWS200-A1
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